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Posted by admin on 06/27/2018
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Every single vacation requires walking around the city or town center, and as much as Paphos is a beach city and that summer-cation kind of destination, it is absolutely crucial not to overlook the historical beauty of its town center. So just briefly, your holidays in Paphos, located on the western coast of the Greek side of Cyprus, should include a stay in a decent hotel or apartment short-rent, a car or vehicle to get around the island, at least three local Cypriot meals, and of course, either spending a few hours at the beach or heading over to what I will share with you today, The Old Town for a nice afternoon stroll.

To get to The Old Town, just get to the town’s main intersection, which is the traffic light where the municipalities and the police station are. From here, turn left, and keep going straight.. well there will be signs that would point to The Old Town. If you’re feeling super energetic, you could even try to walk to The Old Town from where ever your accommodation is. A walk from to this section of town is roughly fifteen to twenty minutes from Tombs of the Kings Road, and I would say around half an hour to forty five minutes from the harbour. The residents of Paphos would agree that during spring or falls the weather and temperature are perfect for this sort of walk, and I would recommend this to you if you happen to be in town around those times. If you are driving, then the trip will be less than ten minutes, but that really depends on the traffic and the time of the day.

Speaking of the time of the day, this does play an important role in determining how your walk in The Old Town will be. Most shops in Paphos do take afternoon breaks, but we call them “lunch breaks”. Different shops and different establishments will have their own time for his afternoon pause, but you could expect this period to be somewhere within 12 noon to about 3 or 4pm in the afternoon. During this time, shops will be close and you won’t be able to do your shopping or look around. There are usually a few exceptions, but these are quite rare, and again, depends on the season and time you go to Paphos.

It wouldn’t be so interesting if I just go on and on about the shops they have here, because the main focus of this post is The Old Town, which refers to its history, culture and identity.

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