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Posted by admin on 06/28/2018
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Potima is an area in Paphos, Cyprus. The name Potima is taken from the Greek word potizo because this area was the first that had water. This area is also called Potima Bay. Is situated near the village of Kissonerga and near the Coral Bay area. Potima is the most fabulous place for the most people in Paphos. In the area of Potima a main road is passing through t connecting the north with the south Paphos villages. The biggest percentage of the Potima area is property of the government and there are not any buildings or any other constructions. There are only greenhouses, banana plantations and fruit trees. One of the reason is that, the surrounding areas are sealing mostly with the agriculture and they can only cultivate the land.

There are plans to start building a new project (Paphos Marina) in this area. The Paphos Marina is the first Marina in Paphos. This project will bring huge growth for the surrounding areas. The marina will be able to moor approximately 1000 vessels and will also contain restaurants, bars, other shops and further leisure facilities. A large number of jobs will be created and demand for rental accommodation will increase tremendously. History has generally proven itself to a great teacher. Marinas at other Mediterranean locations have set the benchmark for how prices should increase.

The area is well connected by public transport and has several restaurants and a celebrated view.

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